Digital era is changing the rules of the game in retail

Romanian Retail Real Estate Forum, 4th edition

October 26, InterContinental Hotel


41756-header_1_-_retail_real_estate_forum_2017.jpg Bucharest, October 26, 2017 – Romanian Retail Real Estate Forum, the most important annual event dedicated to the local retail market, will debate, within the fourth edition, the challenges faced by the companies in this field in the digital era, as well as the solutions they can deploy to improve offline consumer experience.

 We are witnessing a change in the paradigm in the development of the retail market: traditional shopping centers are starting to leave room for another type of concept that focuses on creating a community, a sense of belonging from the target audience.

 The new projects aim to be in harmony with the reference area through a coherent urban development that meets as many consumer needs as possible. Thus, it will not take long for us to see integrated projects that include, under the same umbrella, homes, office buildings, shops, sport halls, restaurants. They will contribute to "airing" cities and limiting car traffic.

 Organized by GOVNET Conferences, the event will bring together developers and shopping mall managers, real estate consultants, representatives of some of the most important retail chains in Romania, financial institutions, law firms - all relevant actors who need to work together creatively to make consumers spend more time offline, especially as online commerce is increasingly tearing consumers from traditional retail.

 The topic of discussion of the first session of the Romanian Retail Real Estate Forum is "Where to invest resources in retail", with specific subjects on the agenda, such as the right mix in retail, consumer experience, the importance of optimizing energy consumption in retail developments, technologies to consider, the future of the retail from the perspective of entertainment.

 The second session will deal with an increasingly pressing issue for the retail market - the challenges of traditional developments in the era of online shopping. Speakers will answer questions such as: "How can retailers and  shopping center developers innovate in order to compete with the online market?", "How did social media transform our shopping experience in stores?", "What is the effect of online shopping on the number, size and location of stores that a retailer plans to open?", "How can retailers create a viable link between online and offline?".

 The speakers of the Forum are: Ali Ergun Ergen, General Manager, TBE Solutions, Tudor Popp, Managing Director, REC Immpuls, Sorin Blaga, General Manager, Liebrecht and wooD Romania, Roxana Dudau, Associated Partner, Noerr, Frederic Lamy, CEO, Leroy Merlin, Andrei Pogonaru, CEO Veranda Mall, Ruxandra Stoian, Key Account manager, Philips Lighting, Bogdan Mugescu, Expansion Director, Fru Fru, Florin Popa, General Manager, Vitalis Consulting, Florinel Chis, Director, ARMO, Serban Radu, Co-Founder, Libraria Carturesti, Mircea Isvoranu, Fruits and Vegs Manager, Carrefour Romania.

The partners of the conference are: Casa de Traduceri, Kronospan, Noerr, Prakt Romania, REC Immpuls, Rofma,  Ropeco, Philips, Schneider Electric.

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24 October 2017